Whilst some information can be obtained about an individual’s personal attributes by observation and interviewing, the four main aspects of the individual which are most significant in predicting job success are the most difficult to determine by these traditional methods. Consequently, psychometric tools are used to accurately assess the person’s strengths and development areas in the following areas

  • Ability – Ability tests measure a person’s present skills, such as level of verbal or numerical reasoning competence and their level of potential to learn new skills.

  • Personality – Personality scales are used to determine how a person will behave in certain situations, and how the abilities possessed will be put to use.

  • Aptitude – Aptitude tests measure the degree of potential a person has to develop job skills in certain areas of work (sales, accountancy, engineering, design, production etc).

  • Interests – Interest questionnaires measure a person’s preference for certain fields of work, giving a measure of a person’s application to work and ability to derive personal satisfaction from it.