A multi pronged approach is the most effective means of assessing a candidate’s suitability for a role. There are four potential sources of information about a candidate ie: psychological data, interview impressions, work history, and references. Each of these sources contributes approximately 25% of available information about a candidate. By not utilising psychological assessment, you are making a decision based on only 75% of the available information.

Which candidate fits the job and the company best? Is the candidate smart enough for the job? Is there talent to grow? Does the candidate have enough “emotional intelligence” to work effectively as a manager? Which development direction is best for my manager? Is she ready to be promoted? I have a problem person–can his behaviour problem be solved?

For many years, psychologists have helped executives and managers answer these questions about their people. Some call it psychological assessment. Some call it psychological profiling. Some even call it “getting shrunk.” No matter what you call it, psychometric assessment helps you to know more about the people you want to hire, promote, coach, or counsel.