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How do I work?

I most often suggest a series of 5 therapeutic sessions. Although this is not a hard and fast rule, it however sets a goal which can be re-negotiated. During the 5th session the therapeutic progress, achievements and the way forward is discussed. The next step can be: to continue the current process, to change the frequency of sessions or to initiate an on-request approach.

My Method of working


I, Hilton Calder, am a registered clinical psychologist with approximately 40 years working experience. I have specialist and generalist experience and continue working in both areas. I have run therapeutic communities, managed corporate functions and been a business owner. I am currently also a director of a fledgling, innovative recruitment organisation called Career Custodians and the chairperson of a non-profit organisation (NPO), The Learning Initiative. I also practise as a consulting psychologist/coach at the Lifeshine Wellness Centre.  The goal of this centre is to create a holistic, comprehensive, multi-therapy treatment facility and information centre for the personalized treatment of patients with immune compromised illnesses.

My clinical practice and consultancy offerings can be summarised as:

  • Psychotherapy – adolescence is an area of special interest.
  • Executive and other Coaching – involving Team and Communication Skills Development

  • Psychometric Assessments for Appointments, Promotions, and Career Development.

  • Psychotherapy – adolescence is an area of special interest.

“I do what I do because I love doing it.”

The therapist, Irvin Yalom, said it all for me in this quotation:

“And I rarely hear therapist colleagues complain that their lives lack meaning. Life of a therapist is a life of service in which we daily transcend our personal wishes and turn our gaze towards the needs and growth of the other. We take pleasure not only in the growth of our client but also in the ripple effect – the salutary influence our clients have upon those whom they touch in life. There is extraordinary privilege here and extraordinary satisfaction too.”

I see psychotherapy as a key to unlock perception, interpretation and living. I facilitate a process, express opinions, and also ask questions to assist my clients to crystallise their as yet unidentified answers. Gentle persuasion may be used.

Prof. George Wiehan, a lecturer at UNISA when I was doing my MA degree course, said the following: “the primary function of the psychotherapist is to bring the patient/client to an optimum interaction with his environment’. He went further to suggest that there are three central prerequisites for effective therapeutic relations, namely empathy, warmth and genuineness. These are also the values guiding my work.

This tried and tested approach and many years of experience, complimented by ongoing training and reading, has stood me in good stead and hopefully benefited my clients.

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My business is fairly unique in the sense that I am trained as a clinical psychologist and also have a wide ranging knowledge and experience in several organisations/businesses. I regard myself to be very lucky to have been trained at UNISA in the Interactional and Strategic approaches to psychology and psychotherapy. This school of psychology focuses strongly on communication and relationships. My training allowed me to easily integrate with the clinical and business fields.

Both my clinical and consulting practices are guided by the values of earnestness, simplicity and congruence. These values are in turn supported by applying intelligence, imagination and integrity.



First-born to a family in the Free State. I am therefore bilingual and even did South Sotho at a university (2nd year) level. Living in the Cape, the latter became very rusty.

I have lived and worked in 4 provinces.

Apart from my job and profession, I am passionate about nature in general, dogs (and other animals), gardens and plants, architecture and buildings and motivated by beauty in any form.

I enjoy exploring in unlikely places.

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  • Worked as a psychologist in the public sector

  • Corporate business environment

  • Set-up and managed a human resources foundation in a corporate, IT environment

  • Consulted to business, educational, and non-profit organisations
  • Coached individuals and teams at all levels of seniority
  • Perform psychometric assessments for career and performance purposes
  • Owned and managed 3 franchises in the service industry

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

Albert Einstein


Hilton provided career development, teamwork and team-building, personal development and motivational coaching to me and my teams over a number of years at Old Mutual. I could only chooose 3 attributes from the above list – however, they all and more apply to Hilton.
He is able to make the science and profession of psychology:- Real, practical and applicable. His guidance and input made an extremely positive impact on my career, and day-to-day activities and management skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Hilton as an expert, person of high integrity and real contributor in his field.
Clive Elliott
Hilton connects to people pragmatically yet in such a way that the person knows there is deep underlying intelligence and care. He has helped our business a number of times with sensitive people issues, from interpersonal conflict situations to individual therapeutic mentoring relationships. I hold Hilton’s tireless work ethic and deeply-responsible approach to people issues in high esteem.
Wim de Vos

I have known Hilton for more than 10 years. During this period we have worked together on a number of corporate-change initiatives. In addition I have used his expertise for both clinical and industrial evaluation and have found him to be frank, rigorous and professional. Of further interest and benefit to our relationship is his entrepreneurial ventures. I would strongly recommend using his skills and tools in any of the above.

Raymond Africa

It is a pleasure to recommend Hilton’s work as a Career Coach, where he is successful with people from all walks of life, from senior executives stuck in career limbo through to troubled teenagers, needing non-judgemental guidance. His sensitive use of psychometrics combined with his years of experience, keen intelligence and graceful handling of complex characters, results in accurate and helpful guidance, always delivered in a confidential and positive manner. I have experienced Hilton’s work with corporate teams as well as individuals, always an inspirational experience.

Colette Edwards